2-2 Activity: Is This a Research Paper?

OverviewIdentifying quality research studies is an important skill. In this activity, you will be asked to distinguish between studies that are scholarly and empirical, scholarly and non-empirical, and neither scholarly nor empirical. This activity will prepare you for the Module Four Activity assignment.
The goal of this activity is to efficiently and strategically evaluate research studies for certain criteria. This skill will benefit you as a student of psychology, a consumer of research information, and a professional in research-related careers.
Each rubric criterion below contains a word-count goal. These are guides to help you respond at the right level of depth and specificity.
PromptYou will use your webtext writing template to complete this activity. For each article provided in your Soomo webtext, accurately address the rubric criteria listed below:
Determine if the research study is scholarly or non-scholarly. Support your response with evidence from the article. Your response should be about 25 words.Determine if the research study is empirical or non-empirical. Support your response with evidence from the article. Your response should be about 25 to 50 words.Guidelines for SubmissionYou will use your Soomo webtext writing template to complete the activity and download for submission. Sources should be cited according to APA style.
listed below are the required articles
Article 1:
Article 2:
Article 3:
Article 4:
Article 5:
Article 6:
Article 7:
Article 8:
Article 9:
Article 10:
Citation is an important part of research and using the established patterns makes citations much easier to read. Cite the articles, and any other resources you referenced, in proper APA format below. Your reference list will be automatically formatted using a hanging indent when you download your assignment.
List your references in APA Style below. Remember that they should be in alphabetical order by author last name.