2 disscusions topic, answer each in 5-8 sentences. Plagarism free. 1. Read Act II, Scenes

2 disscusions topic, answer each in 5-8 sentences. Plagarism free. 

1. Read Act II, Scenes 1-4 of Sweat, compose an initial post, then engage in a discussion with your classmates.  Discussion topic: For this discussion, you will be thinking like a scenic designer who has been hired to work on a large professional production of the play. At the beginning of each scene in the scene directions, Nottage writes the outside temperature and a few “In the news” items. For this production that you’ve been hired to design, I’m the director. In one of our first meetings, I say to you, “I’d like for the weather and “In the news” items to be seen on stage somehow.” It’s your job to come up with an idea about how the weather and the news are going to appear on stage. Pick one news and weather description from the beginning of one scene, quote it in your initial response, and describe how you would represent it on stage. But here’s the twist: These things cannot appear on TVs at the bar or as sound. Remember, you’re the scenic designer. Even though everything in Nottage’s writing points to realism and naturalism on stage, your job is to make the weather and news appear onstage in any form that you please. I’d recommend going back to the “scenic designer” section of Chapter 8 in the textbook to review all of the tools that you have at your disposal. If possible, include an image or two in your initial post. If you can’t, make sure that you use descriptive language so that we can get a good visual picture of your idea.

2. READ ACT 2: SCENES 5-8 of SWEAT and ENGAGE IN A DISCUSSION WITH YOUR GROUP Discussion topic: The most obvious subjects of Sweat are poverty and the economic collapse that occurred in the early 2000s. However, like everything else in the United States, race relations are always simmering under everything. As we witnessed in the protests surrounding the killing of George Floyd, it sometimes only takes one more spark to set the country ablaze. Your discussion topic for this assignment is this: How do you feel that race plays a part in the events of the play? Now that you’ve read the whole play, go back and look at the first scene again, seeing where it began and where it ends up. Do you feel that the events of the play would’ve played the same if all of the characters were white? What if they were all people of color? What have you learned about the world or yourself from the play? Find at least one line of dialogue that supports your argument.
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