2nd version – Analysis of the book Frankenstein

Written analysis, compare and discuss the charactersWrite an analysis where you compare Victor and Walton.– What are their ambitions and what sacrifices are they willing to make in order toreach their goals?– What are the consequences of their actions?– Discuss how they are affected by the events in the story and how they as a resultchange as persons.–When the creation is “born” he doesn’t know anything about the world he is thrown outinto. He is shaped by the encounters he has with the different people he comes across in thenovel. It is in these encounters that his dreams are born but also his anger and hatred.– Discuss what people and events that are of significant importance for the creation’sdevelopment. How is he affected by these events?– What is the creation’s big problem in life and what does he do to try to take charge ofthe situation?– Finally discuss who is responsible for the creation’s actions, is it the creation or thosewho have made him the monster he became?