3104 Module 1: The Changing Role of Health Care

In 250 words or more, and using at least one outside scholarly reference, discuss 1) some of the new ways health care is being provided and 2) the expanded role of allied health care providers in this process. For example:
New places care is being providedNew job duties for traditional health care providersNew types of care providersAnswer whether these changes directly impact your future job as a Healthcare Services Administrator at a managed care organization (MCO) and what experience will you need to have to get your first management job. (currently working as a healthcare financial counselor at a hospital)ISBN-13: 978-1284169874 Chapter 2: Current Operations of the U.S. Healthcare System Chapter 4: Public Health’s Role in Healthcare Chapter 7: Careers in the Health Industry Review:APA 7th editionUS-based peer-reviewed sources onlyN o quoted, copied, or plagiarized material