a review of expermintal research for Pyschology class with article of your choice.

You will write a 3-to-5-page paper explaining the methodology that was used in the article. THIS IS NOT A PAPER ON THE TOPIC OF THE ARTICLE, THIS IS A PAPER DEMONSTRATING THAT YOU UNDERSTAND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH to engage the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.• You will introduce the scientific method and experimental research, noting that it is the only type of research method that allows scientists to make causal statements (i.e., this caused that).• Make clear that the article will serve as an example of the elements of an experiment. At a minimum, you must briefly explain the following concepts (citing King and the article):o hypothesiso independent variable (IV)o dependent variable – (DV) (for the ONE hypothesis you chose)o operational definition of the IV and DVo random assignment (and why it’s necessary)o experimental groupo control group (and why it’s necessary)o ethical considerations in researcho publication in a peer reviewed journal• Explain each of these concepts using your own words and citing King. Explain how these concepts were implemented in the study, citing the authors of the article. Do not use any direct quotes. Include correct APA citations of the article and the book (King) in text and on a references page (use the APA template provided).