A trip that changed my mindset

In 750-1,000 words or approximately three to four double-spaced pages, write an essay that follows the Map of the Analytic Essay handout. The essay should focus on two parallel (very similar) examples/stories in the body section that allow you to explain a pattern of human behavior. The essay must go beyond fact and include your opinion. The essay should explain the cause-effect sequence you observe in both examples by answering focused and relevant how and why questions. The essay must demonstrate in the introduction, body section, and conclusion your ability to classify/categorize.
• The analytic thesis should answer:1. How and why does a specific type of person react step by step in a specific type of situation?2. What idea or concept does the reaction represent?• The statement of relevance should answer the question: What is important to consider about this type of situation or this type of reaction?• Additionally, your introduction should include an opening image and brief discussion of contextual information.• In your body section, present multiple connected examples and demonstrate your ability to describe and narrate. The examples should support and illustrate your thesis. Warrant statements should be included.• Your conclusion should include a prediction based on the analytic thesis, an explanation of relevance based on the statement of relevance, and, if appropriate, a connection to a different or larger context.• At some point in the essay, you should include an analogy, metaphor, or simile.• Fact or opinion from one source should be included in the essay.• Include a Works Cited page and parenthetical in-text citations, formatted according to MLA guidelines.9733052 hours agoPlease follows the Map of the Analytic Essay handout which I attched in the order. Also I attched the essay draft here as well. The essay story should be as the draft.