Acknowledgment for Dissertation

Hello, I want a superb and outstanding acknowledgment for my completed dissertation . To include and thank God,( without whom l will not be able to complete my studies let alone my dissertation ,etc My supervisor ( Support, patience guidance etc) My Personal Tutor ( Care and always believing in me etc) My Academic Tutor ( getting the best out of me, etc CAMHS Services ( during my placement for helping me gain the required experience and competency skills for the care of children and young people and key to my writing this dissertation etc Entire Staff of my university for their prompt response and service etc & My Family for their unconditional love, understanding and support etc. You should construct and use wordings that are appropriate and stand out to include the people mentioned above. Please l want the acknowledgment to be very good so that it is among the ones chosen ( there is a competition for this in my school.) Font Size 12 1.5 spacing 2.5cm margins