Against Abortions

Supplementary reference notes that can be used. That I would like included.You will present Marquis’s argument, and argue either that abortion is prima facie morally wrong,Reference –Why Abortion is Immoral by Don Marquis (1989)Miriam Webster DictionaryAbortion—Who Is Right? — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARYMiriam Websters dictionary defines Murder as “ the act of deliberately putting something to death.” Most other definitions of murder include that it involves a predetermination of the act. Abortion is defined as “the act of putting an end to something planned or previously agreed to.” Life is defined as “an organismic state characterized by capacity for metabolism growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.” According to the dictionary definitions alone we can easily conclude that abortion is murder. The act involves terminating the life or metabolic growth of a vessel with forethought. Murder is wrong especially when the act is being committed against someone who is unable to defend themselves. In our case , we will discus why abortion is morally wrong specifically in an instance where a healthy child was willingly conceived and causes the mother no vital health concerns.In recent times, states such as Texas have put in place a new abortion law forbidding the act after 6 weeks. Around this time is when a heartbeat can be detected via ultrasound. This holds the empregnated person responsible for their actions. For there are multiple outlets or forms of preventing an abortion even if the terms were more severe such as by rape.What primarily makes killing wrong is neither its effect on the murderer nor its effect on the victim’s friends and relatives, but its effect on the victim. The loss of one’s life is one of the greatest losses one can suffer. The loss of one’s life deprives one of all the experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments which would otherwise have constituted one’s future. Therefore, killing someone is wrong, primarily because the killing inflicts (one of) the greatest possible losses on the victim. (Marquis)One move of this sort is based upon the claim that a necessary condition of one’s future being valuable is that one values it. Value implies a valuer. Given this one might argue that, since fetuses cannot value their futures, their futures are not valuable to them. Hence, it does not seriously wrong them deliberately to end their lives. This move fails, however, because of some ambiguities. Let us assume that something cannot be of value unless it is valued by someone. This does not entail that my life is of no value unless it is valued by me. I may think, in a period of despair, that my future is of no worth whatsoever, but I may be wrong because others rightly see value—even great value—in it. Furthermore, my future can be valuable to me even if I do not value it. (Marquis)It is important to realize that life is passed on, not at birth, but, rather, when conception occurs. It is then, says the Encyclopædia Britannica, that “the life-history of the individual, as a distinct and biological entity, begins.”Yes, childbirth and parenthood have their anxieties, but not the psychological pain and guilt that so often follow abortion.The expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can live on its own. Common use often distinguishes between abortion and miscarriage, the former being defined as the deliberate and induced emptying of a pregnant uterus, the latter being considered as the accidental and unavoidable interruption of pregnancy.Unavoidable abortion or miscarriage may be caused by accident, infectious disease, mental or physical stress and strain, or because of a general organic weakness on the part of the mother.Deliberately to induce abortion or miscarriage by artificial means, by the use of drugs, or by medical operation, the sole purpose of which is to avoid the birth of an unwanted child, is an act of high crimeThen, too, consider the many innocents who are killed by abortions. Estimates vary from 40 million to 60 million worldwide every year! What a horrendous injustice!(Watchtower)By the time a fetus is six months old it can see, hear, experience, taste and even learn.When the male sperm unites its 23 chromosomes with a like number in the female ovum, a new human life is conceived. From this time of conception, the sex and other personal details are immutably established. The only change will be in growth during the nine-month term of pregnancy. So does life begin at the moment of conception? Many simply answer yes. For those who think this way, abortion at any time is tantamount to murder.(Watchtower)When a woman faces the issue of abortion, few people, perhaps even the woman herself, give much thought to the father. The decision to have an abortion is often made by the woman alone, drawing on the support of close friends and relatives. But “men also go through the grieving, the sense of loss,” reports The New York Times, “and may also experience a lot of the ambivalence that women do about becoming a parent.”Some fathers feel strongly that their wishes should be taken into account, too, that they should have more say before the mother decides to abort their child. “Men wanted to share, not impose, the decision making,” says sociologist Arthur Shostak following a ten-year survey of the problem. Surely such thinking is not unreasonable. (Watchtower)