Alkaline diet

Thesis StatementReducing the dietary acid load in the body with an alkaline diet reduces therisk of diabetes mellitus.
1) Each main point (I, II, and III) contains complete topic sentences, definitions/explanations, evidence/support sentences, and connecting /transitional sentences pursuant to the provided outline format. Included information clearly relates to the main point being discussed AND thethesis statement. Outline includes a diverse set of supporting details, statistics, examples, and/or evidence for each main point (I, II,and III) – all of which directly support the thesis statement.
2)Utilizes the sentence outline structure template provided by the instructor. The introduction, main points (sections I, II, and III) and the conclusion sentences are completed. All main section headings have been labeled in a logical manner mirroring the main points listed in the thesisstatement.
3) Assignment has clearly been edited. Spelling or grammar mistakes are rare, if present.
4) Attempted to provide all introduction and conclusion sentences. The introduction“invites” the reader to continue; it is interesting. The conclusion, so far, successfully draws all the arguable points together.