American Indian Studies

Here are a few reminders regarding Essay I:On the Content page here in D2L, you’ll find the following useful items in the “Syllabus and 160A1 Resources” folder:The assignment/instructions for Essay I.The rubric we’ll be using to grade Essay I. (Use this as a checklist to be sure you’re on track!)Tom Holm, et al.’s article on the Peoplehood Matrix. (A really handy resource that counts as one of your 5 sources.)On Friday, Sept 24, students in all sections need to bring 2 printed copies of a full draft (all 4-5 pages) of Essay I to the discussion section. You’ll need the 2 copies of your complete draft in order to participate in a 50-point graded in-class activity. You will not be able to participate if you have only a partial draft, or if you do not bring two printed copies.You’ll have a chance to make revisions to your Essay before submitting the final draft for a grade on Oct. 8.Be sure to stop by your GTA’s Office Hours this week if you have questions or need help. Best wishes with your essays!
___ (30) Discusses and provides examples of three aspects of the Peoplehood Matrix (land,language, ceremony, and sacred history) for own culture or one Indigenous Nation.___ (20) Provides at least one specific example of how two or more aspects of the PeoplehoodMatrix interrelate.___ (20) Demonstrates that the writer understands how/why the Peoplehood Matrix is a usefultool for meaningfully examining cultural identity.Conventions___ (10) Thesis statement articulates position, gives direction to overall paper, is supported byexamples/evidence.___ (10) Paper is clearly written and well organized, stays on topic; conclusion reinforces mainpoints; paper meets minimum length requirement.___ (10) Research is based upon appropriate number of references, which are properly attributed(in-text citations/endnotes and reference page). Quotations are used effectively andsparingly.___ (100) TotalNote: Egregious errors in any of the “Conventions” subcategories could result in the loss of allpoints in the subcategory, and may also result in lost points in other areas of the rubric. Forexample, a missing thesis statement will undoubtedly also impact the clarity and organization ofyour paper. Similarly, papers short of the minimum page length are most often deficient incontent and analysis, too.