American Revolution Propaganda Assignment

Please, place your bids The subject is American History which the era is around the revolutionary war. Part 1//// Congratulations! Your history consulting firm`s proposal for an ad reflecting a clear point of view about whether the Continental Congress should sign the Declaration of Independence has been accepted! You will now produce propaganda CREATE your own propaganda using canvas. Part 2//// A large group of people have gathered at town hall to debate whether the Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia should sign the Declaration of Independence. Everyone in attendance has had an opportunity to view the propaganda you produced. While you may not be able to convince everyone in the crowd of your point of view there, there do seem to be people who are still on the fence and willing to hear what you have to say in greater detail. Describe the propaganda you produced, approx. in 2 pages, responding to the following prompts. Please go to the prompt file to see what is to be expected in each part. PLEASE ANSWER EVERYTHING THAT IS LISTED. Thank you. Primary sources have been shared which will be more explained in the prompt. Since part 1 is a creation and not writing a secondary payment is fine.