Analysis of Private Violence

Analysis of Private ViolenceFor this assignment, you will watch a documentary, Private Violence, and then analyze the film in essay format. To view the film go to (Links to an external site.) and enter fscj for the username and access for the password. The Private Violence transcript Download Private Violence transcriptis also available.The assignment should use APA style, be in essay format, and be at least 1200 words. The essay should have a title page with a descriptive title (not the name of the assignment) and should include a developed introduction, a synopsis or summary of the film, identification and definitions for four concepts from the text or assigned materials and application of those concepts to the film, followed by a conclusion and references page.The four concepts are assigned below. Please be sure to provide documentation for the information taken from the text that includes the chapter number and page number, even if the information is paraphrased. Use headings to guide the reader through the paper.Additional requirementsThe synopsis (or summary) of the film should be no less than 250 words. A strong synopsis includes the name of the documentary, the name of the director, the release date, and the main characters and events depicted in the film so that someone who had not seen it would understand it. The synopsis should not offer evaluation, but should only describe what the documentary shows or portrays by giving details from the beginning, the middle and the end of the film. Here is an example from a different documentary: (Links to an external site.)The four required concepts are:Power (include dependency; see also the Power and Control Wheels);Types of Partner Abuse (include physical, sexual, and emotional;Criminal violations (include felony and misdemeanor); andProsecution of Partner Assault (include the criminal justice process and the use of family violence victim advocates).Precisely explain each of the concepts by paraphrasing or direct quoting the definitions and discussions from the textbook or other assigned material. Show how that concept explains or helps us understand the film by providing examples and details that connect the concept and the film.Please use a timestamp in your citation. See: (Links to an external site.)ConclusionReview the purpose of the paper, discuss what was presented and its importance to understanding intimate partner violence.References pageInclude a complete reference entry for all sources in APA style.