analyzing and comparing two articles

It has to be 10 pages, including the title and refrence page, making it technically only 8 pages
-Read, make notes on, and bring together the following:1. Tate (2016)2. Hiller and Carlson (2018)3. One module worth of content (Ive attached the powerpoint slides for module 3)-Write a paper addressing the following:1. What is the knowledge perspective from each paper?2. How should it be used to guide social work practice?3. What are the similarities and differences between Tate (2016) and Hiller and Carlson (2018)?(arguments and ideas)4. How does the additional week’s material fit into Tate (2016) and Hiller and Carlson (2018)?Does it challenge their arguments? How? Enhance? How?-Remember, your paper will need:• A thesis/main point• Introduction and conclusion• Use APA formatting 7th edition• No more or less than 10 pages, including title page and references• To answer each of the content requirements of this essay• 1″ margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, double- spacedThere is a rubric on thr back on the guidlines for the essay