Anna Julia Cooper Scholar Denied

We have covered The Scholar Denied, which details how Du Bois was willfully denied and how his work has been swept to the margins. Now we are bringing Du Bois back to the canon. Yet, Du Bois is not the only scholar who has been denied in sociology and the way sociological theory has developed is different from what is written in our textbooks. As social scientists we must always strive to work with the best data and theory available. But how can we interpret our data when so much theory is left in the shadows? The answer is: poorly. We must dig through the archives, look towards other disciplines to bring back the theory we have denied due to racism, sexism, homophobia, and the like.
Your report will include some background information on your scholar including how were they denied from sociological canon. As a reminder, being discriminated against in the public sphere does not necessarily equate to being denied in the academic sphere. You will then describe their work and how their work would have fit in today’s sociological canon.
This Report (due November 19, 11:59 PM) will be a paper no longer than 5 pages. The report should be double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, and pages should be numbered. The report should have few to no grammatical mistakes and no spelling mistakes. Any idea that is not your own should be accurately cited, including citations from course readings. The citations must include both in-text citations and a bibliography (which does not count toward the 5 page limit). These citations can be from any citation style but must be consistent throughout the paper. Your argument should be clear and any claims you make should be backed up by theory, empirical work, or other materials from class.
Your paper must have the following (preferably in this order):1) Who is your scholar and how has their work been denied in sociology?2) Detailed tenants of the scholar’s theories. Do not tell me what the theory is supposed to do, but what did your theorist say about what they were theorizing about step by step.3) Select a theory/theorist from this course (excluding Du Bois, Gilman, and Collins). Outline the theory like we have in class.4) Outline how the scholar’s theory builds upon, influenced, or could have made a more comprehensive theory than a theory we covered (or will cover) in class.