Annotated Bibliography and Source Evaluation

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity:Textbook: review Chapter 6LessonLink (Word doc): Source Evaluation WorksheetDownload Source Evaluation Worksheet(Download and save doc as “[your name] Annotated Bibliography”)Minimum of 5 scholarly sources (You may include sources you developed in Week 3 if they meet scholarly criteria).IntroductionYou have arrived at the third part of the Course Project. By this week, you should have collected the sources that you need to support, with relevant evidence, the position you have taken on the issue you chose, and the three aspects of the issue you will write about. This week you will submit a thesis statement and an annotated bibliography of at least five sources that you will use in your paper.Here is a brief breakdown of the project so that you can plan your time in the course:WeekTaskWeek 1Topic SelectionWeek 3Issue Review (both sides)Week 5Thesis & Annotated Bibliography (both sides)Week 7Argumentative PaperThis week, submit the following:A thesis statement stating your opinion/conclusion on the issue, the supporting points you will offer and at least one relevant opposing view you will address.An annotated bibliography with evaluation of at least five (5) sources you intend to use in your final paper to support your claim.These are sources that provide evidence to support that your claim should be accepted by the reader.Scholarly sources are preferred and should be used where available; due to the nature of some of the topics, authoritative articles in very high quality substantive journals may also be acceptable.Use the Source Evaluation Worksheet to determine the following:If your source is currentIf it is not current, explain why you think it is acceptable.If your source is credible, reliable, and authoritativeHow well your source supports your thesisIf the annotation does not make this obvious, explain to your instructor how you will use it.If your support is popularIf it is, explain to your instructor why you think it is acceptable.Prepare a citation, annotation, and evaluation for each source.Click on the following link for an example:Link: How to Complete the Source Evaluation WorksheetWriting Requirements (APA format)Length: 100-150 words per source for Part 1; 50-80 words per source for Part 2 (not including title page or references page)1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle pageReferences pageGradingThis activity will be graded using the W5 Annotated Bibliography Grading


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