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Definitions: Define the following words and give, in your own words an example of the word. Digital Divide Electronic Media Ragtime Radio Act of 1927 Amplitude moderation/frequency modulation Payola Telecommunications Act of 1996 Four formats in radio Genres (10)Nielsen Ratings (11)New Media (12)Web 2.0 (13)URL/HTTP/HTML (14)Viral Media (15)Online social Networking Match the word to the concept. U2 ___ Folk Singer Nirvana ___ The Jazz Singer Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs ___French Movies Blondie ___ Silent Film Artist Bob Dylan ___ Independent (indie)music Charlie Chaplin ___ Japanese cinema Al Jolson ___Grunge Kaiju ___ Spaghetti Westerns Clint Eastwood ___ Punk Rock Film Noir ___ East Coast Gangsta Rap Essay Questions (Answer the question correctly with, at least, a paragraph) What are the “Stages of Technological Innovation.” Compare the impact of a key component of printing technologies in the 18th-19th centuries with the progression and growth of the internet in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Who were considered the pioneers of radio broadcasting (three men)?Tell me about them. How did music and radio transition into the Digital Age? What is the most important creative and technical innovation first displayed in Melies’ A Trip to the Moon? How does the New New Media use media convergence? How has user-generated television and YouTube changed the way people use the internet? Tell me about the history of your favorite type of film (not just a name of a film…but the type!) What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? https://homeworkvendors.comOrder Your Paper Online. Get an Expert Writer to Write your Paper