Arch 314 Final Paper

The final paper should be between 1700 and 2500 words long for undergraduates and 2800-3200 words for graduate students, including footnotes. The paper should provide a historical perspective of a feature of the landscape. A shorter, high-quality paper is much better than a lower-quality longer one. Consult the syllabus, the text blelow, and documents attached for details.The paper/project will be assessed on the clear formulation of your research topic and question, use of primary and secondary sources (including works of historical scholarship and primary sources not on the syllabus), and writing style. Most of the research is likely to be in journals, newspapers, reports, or architecture and planning journals. A “feature” of the landscape is broadly defined and can mean specific sites (Central Park, Kennedy Expressway, St. Louis Arch and its grounds) or a generic type (suburbanization, parking lots, prisons, monuments). Papers should include both a historical and a spatial or visual analysis.You should utilize at least 2 primary sources and 5 secondary sources as part of your research.You should also include 3-5 images to describe and analyze to support your argument. The secondary sources don’t all need to be quoted, but should be referenced in footnotes.If your footnotes are extensive, a separate bibliography is not required. If you are submitting an alternative format, please include a bibliography.You may also propose an alternative format, including, but not limited to:YouTube channel, podcast episode(s), exhibitGames (Monopoly-like game, scavenger hunt, etc.)Work of art, poetry, drama, photographyWalking tour planComic bookOral history interviewsMultimedia project including images, music, video, etc. illuminating a site. One example: