Archives and Records Management of Video Games

subject: records management, archives, Library Information & Science
Part 1. Research Problem:Introduction• Identify a research problem (what).• Provide context and background information of the chosen problem, being sure to explain why your chosen topic is important, and who might care about your findings.Part 2: Literature Review:Literature Review• Describe and discuss 8-10 related research articles in your chosen topic. Please plan do this literature review approximately review 2 articles a week.• For each literature article, do the following where appropriate:o Articulate important findings and issues, explaining why these are important;o Indicate limitations and the need for further research;o Find out if any ideas/methodology can be applied in the current proposal.Formulation of Research Questions/Hypotheses• Translate the chosen problem (i.e., problem statement) into 2-3 research questions.• Formulate hypotheses if appropriate. The hypotheses need not to be in statistical terms.Part 3: Study Design / Method:• Come up with an experiment design or construct the questionnaire and survey methods that you would use to undertake this study.• Describe and justify the methodology to be followed.• Develop a research procedure to collect and analyze data.• Include research instruments (e.g. interview questions, questionnaire) if applicable.• The methodology should be described in detail so that the study could be replicable if needed.Part 4: Conclusion and References:Conclusion / Concluding Marks• State possible implications of the study.• List limitations of your proposed study, if you can.