The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, developed a theory regarding Greek tragedy. A key aspect of his theory rested on his idea of catharsis. Furthermore, Aristotle argues that Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, or Oedipus the King was the greatest of the Greek tragedies. In your first essay, conduct research on Aristotle’s theories related to Greek tragedy and in a 1000-word paper, respond to the following:Describe what Aristotle means by catharsis, and how Greek tragedy accomplished this concept.Explain why Aristotle believe Oedipus Rex to be the best example of Greek tragedy.Critically evaluate the play in light of your reading of Aristotle’s theories. Does this play, in your opinion, help the modern reader experience catharsis as described by Aristotle? Why or why not?Be sure to support your claims with discussions of the plot, and be sure to refer specifically to the primary text (with no less than 8 citations). You are also required to use at least two outside ACADEMIC sources for this paper (with no less than 6 citations total). Your sources must come from the library resources (books or databases) or other college-level, scholarly works. No websites may be used unless I have approved the source in advance. Reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, wikipedias) cannot be used as your academic sources. I am here to assist you if you cannot locate appropriate sources. Please note that ALL papers in this course require academic research and writing. A paper submission that does not contain research cannot earn a grade higher than a D.