Art History Paper

Topic: How are the lives of women revealed in works of Greek art? Identify details that depict characteristics of women’s forms, dress, ornamentation and activities. Based on illustrations in this chapter, can we distinguish between idealized and realistic representations?
In a well-developed essay, EXPLAIN in detail a work of art, in terms of subject matter, material, technique, style, composition, iconography, and historical context.It is not sufficient to simply state the facts; you need to account for what you see. Keep in mind that your audience is a general audience, meaning that you will need to define any art historical terms in your own words.Cite specific artworks in your paper and identify them clearly by title and figure number. Although this paper does not require additional research apart from the book and class lectures, please keep in mind that if you decide to use ideas or descriptive sentences from Stokstad/Cothren you must indicate the source in parentheses, footnotes, or endnotes.The holistic score represents the following breakdown:Development of Ideas: 50%Organization: 10%Conventions: 10%Voice: 10%Focus and Coherence: 20%Use your spell and grammar check tools before submitting your paper, but remember that running a document through Spell-Check is not the same as proofreading it. It is not necessary to illustrate your paper.Length: 750 words (three pages, double-spaced lines using a standard font like Times New Roman, 12 point, 1” margins all around, with no extra spaces anywhere). 750 words is the goal to shoot for, but do not go over 800 words.