ART100- Extra credit art world news

W3: Extra Credit Art World News – Discussion Groups B 1
From ART100-10601 (ONL)

There is always so much that is happening in the art world! For two points of extra credit, select a news story about an artist, artwork, or the art or museum world to share with the class. 
Include its full citation and link to the story with a sentence or two summarizing what it’s about.
Where to find these kinds of articles? You can search on Google for an artist, artwork, or movement that you’ve enjoyed and then select the tab “News” after you get your search results. You can also check out any of these sites:

ARTnews (Links to an external site.)
The Art Newspaper (Links to an external site.)
Artforum (Links to an external site.)
New York Times Arts section (Links to an external site.)