Article Review: Muscular Fitness and Muscular Flexibility Assignment

500-800 wordsArticle Review: Muscular Fitness and Muscular FlexibilityAssignment
Find an article that discusses either theimportance of muscular fitness or muscular flexibility. Then, follow the instructions above to discuss the article
Write a short review and summary of the article that you choose that covers the specific given topic.Discuss how this material relates to health and wellness coaching.
How would you use this information with a client?What kindof clients would this information benefit?Why did youchoose this material? Be as specific and detailed as you can.
Think critically about how this material integrates with biblical faith.
What is a biblical view of the information?How does this material intersectwith your faith and how in turn will it affect how you use it with your clients? Use Scripture to support your thoughts. Be careful of using cliché language.
·Write 500-800 words of content.·Use correct current APA formatting throughout the assignment.oA title page is not required, but a reference page is required.oPlease use third-person writing.oUse one scholarly journal article written in the last 5 years.oAt least one textbook citation is required.oThe Bible must be included as a reference.oCurrent APA formatted citations must be included throughout thetext.o Whatis a biblical view of the information?