Asian Management Report

Write a 1900-2100 written report on a topic of specific corporate (Multinational Company)-NGO collaboration in emerging markets in Asia. Real-life instances and to be fairly recent (not older than seven years). You can choose 1 topic from the file “collection for assessment 3” that i have attached below, or from another sources. Once you choose the topics find the recent article explain about the chosen NGO-and The multinational company to make it as your references.
Hint: your description and analysis have to be sensitive and specific to a specific context (paying particular attention to economic, regulatory, formal and informal, societal, cultural, and religious institutions in a particular country/regional context.
This report consist of table content, introduction, body (heading and subheading that focus on specific content), and conclusion, references. Please refer to the file “Assessment 3 EXAMPLE” this is one example good report from the lecturer.
Minimum of 15 references using CHICAGO 17th B, download the file below. At least 6 of these references should come from academic peer-reviewed sources and the remainder from industry and media sources including websites, company reports, news reports, newspaper articles, industry publications. I had provided 2 file that must be used in the report, Dahan et al. 2010 and Doh et al. 2017, please use this to talk regarding the institutional voids relate to the topic.
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing.
Once you done with the report, Please Recheck again with the Marking Rubrics so make sure everything meet the requirements.