assessment and evaluation

Please read the attached readings for better understanding of assignment and concepts. Share your thoughts on how you have constructed assessments in the past. Have you ever noticed a mismatch between objectives and assessments on an assessment you developed? If you have never constructed an assessment, talk about an assessment you have taken and if there was ever a mismatch between objectives and the assessment. Based on what you have learned in just these short few weeks of this course, would you do anything differently when you create assessments and why? If you have never created an assessment, please discuss the steps you would take to ensure the alignment of objectives with an assessment you plan to create. This discussion is intended to show evidence that the student has achieved or is working on the following learning objectives: Defend the relationship between student learning outcomes and assessment and evaluation strategies that promotes student and programmatic success. Create effective assessment and evaluation instruments for health professions programs and courses for classroom, lab and clinical practice environments.