Assignment 2 soc

A group of employees at Spruce Paper Company  recently finished a major project that involved multiple departments,  from creative to distribution. The goal of the project was to develop a  new line of holiday cards. One of the group members, Ximena, worked on  this project from the beginning.
Employee Profile: Ximena

Ximena  has worked in creative design for a few years. For the holiday card  project, Ximena and the team work together to come up with new ideas for  cards. Ximena spends most of her time coordinating with the group on  what art will work best for each style of card, making sure they reach a  consensus about each design.
The group spends  time in each meeting checking in with Ximena on publication updates.  Being the only member of the creative team on the holiday card project,  Ximena does not have anyone to go to for advice. If an art-related issue  comes up, she has to talk to someone outside the group and then report  this information back to the group.
As she was  born in Spain, Ximena brings a unique perspective to the job. However,  she sometimes struggles with American idioms and phrases. To ensure she  is understanding the perspectives of other group members, she often asks  them to repeat themselves and then restates the main idea