athletic setting

OverviewFor the first professional site summary you review TWO different athletic facilities. Please select organizations from two different divisions: professional/semi-professional, Olympic, collegiate Division I, collegiate Division II, or collegiate Division III.To best complete this report (2-page minimum), use proper formatting as described in the course style guide, as well as address the topics listed below. Please submit through Canvas as a docx file.Complete the following template for both facilities. 10 points for each summary and 5 points for formatting and grammar (see SC 106 style guide).ASSIGNMENT TEMPLATEIntroductionComplete Name, address and contact information of program director/head trainer, also list their degrees & certifications.FacilityDescribe the strength and conditioning facilityServices (fitness testing, nutritional analysis, classes, therapy, etc.)Physical structure (number of rooms, size, etc.) Include images if helpfulType of equipment (i.e. resistance machines, treadmills, TRX, resistance bands) used to implement fitness/rehabilitation programsDescribe the practitioner/s that work at this facility: number of staff, titles, certifications (?)Types of athletes attending the facilityConclusionOverall view of the facility:Describe your impression of the siteWhat are some outstanding features?What are some program/facility aspects that you have questions about or think are missing?Is the facility the type of setting/environment you might see yourself working in as a future movement professional? IF not what sort of practices do you like? Please explain.ReferencesFor website link, use APA format:Article title. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Retrieved from URL. [ Example: Visit Husson. (2020, August 16). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) ]Link to Professional Site 3.1: Athletic Setting Work file