Behavioral Change Project

Behavioral Change ProjectYou will be required to conduct a behavioral experiment on yourself. Essentially, you will need to gather baseline data on a target behavior, thought, etc., and develop a single-subject experiment designed to change the frequency and intensity of that behavior. You will then write up your results in a 5-8-page paper. Grades will be assigned based on the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of the experiment and not on whether the intervention actually worked. Your treatment needs to run for a minimum of 6 weeks plus 1 week of baseline (7 weeks total). ( your behavioral change in looking at anxiety and depression)Cover page (APA format 7th edition)Brief intake along with a presenting problem. This should include the following:A functional assessment of the problemIdentification and operationalization of the identified problemIntervention strategy from an EBP perspective – explain your process for selecting your intervention approach. How did your clinical practice experience and CBT theory inform your treatment intervention?A methods section that includes the use of valid and reliable measurement tools and a data collection plan.Results of your quantitative and qualitative data including baseline data, intervention data, and outcomes. This should include any changes made to your treatment and how practice and research informed your treatment decisions.Discussion of the results and treatment process. Was the treatment effective? Why or why not? Did things go the way you expected?Self-reflections about the process.