Bells Fit For a King

Watch: Lecture 05 Bells Fit For a KingRead: Brindley, Music, Cosmology, and the Politics of Harmony in Early China, 25-42.According to Brindley, what kind of purposes does music serve at the Zhou court? Choose one example from her text and discuss how music figures in cosmological thought of the period. In an earlier chapter, she states that her purpose is to “narrate a history of idealized representations of music and its changing values in society.” To this end, Brindley decides to rely entirely on received and excavated texts dated to 400–100 BCE; in other words, she chooses to write a history of music without recourse to archaeological findings. Recall that the Marquis Yi of Zeng is not recorded in any of these texts. What are the pros and cons of her method? What is missing from a history written as if the Marquis’s tomb was never found?