Benefits of Advocacy Interventions

Assignment Directions
Please be sure to address all of the following in your assignment:
Develop a case study that involves a child or children and family members.Make sure to be descriptive in terms of the ages of any children involved, which family members are part of the case study, and their ages and role with the child/children. Include any other information that is pertinent, and include the socioeconomic status of the individuals in your case study and other important background details.Identify an issue that is impacting the child(ren) and the family members.Provide some general background on the issue you chose. The background should be specific to the family, along with general information about how many people are impacted by the issue in society, the history of this issue in the country, etc.Analyze two ways in which advocacy would be beneficial to the case that you discussed.Be sure to discuss why advocacy is beneficial in terms of the self-determination of the individuals in your case study.Explore three advocacy interventions that would be particularly useful to the individuals in your case study.Examine any challenges that human service professionals may encounter when advocating for the individuals in your case study and analyze how human service professionals could overcome these challenges.