Benefits of Entrepreneurship and how Generation Z plays a big part in it

Instructions: Research Project: Students will develop a research project that analyzes the managementfunction in an organization. Students may choose to:•Develop a policies and procedures manual• Develop a compensation manual• Develop an organizational handbook• Analyze the management function• Or anything else focused on managementThe topic must be approved by Dr. Harbin. The paper should be no less than 15 pages, not to include thetitle and reference page. Students are encouraged to include reliable sources, current or past events thatsupport your material, and personal experiences (be careful with these, as you do not want to come acrossas uninformed and judgmental). Student opinions must be grounded by some evidence, theory, previouscases, or other factual material. This project is designed to guide the student through the process ofanalyzing an organization and using management concepts to develop material that can be implementedby the organization. Therefore, it must be a professional, well structured project.The research project must be double-spaced and no larger than 12 point font. Supporting documents,references (APA format, 6th edition), and/or materials must be included within the document and on areference page.