Beowulf mini essay

Beowulf Mini- EssayAssignment 1: Compose a mini-essay on a significant aspect of Beowulf.• Mini-essays have a thesis statement, 2-3 paragraphs with CECC’s and a concluding statement. (Notice the introduction and conclusion are only the statements).The best papers will:• Have a thesis that includes the author’s name and the work’s title, plus a specific literary analysis aspect that can be debated in your essay.• For each body paragraph, start with a TOPIC SENTENCE that relates to the thesis. Followed by your CECC format.• Contain 3-4 well-chosen pieces of EVIDENCE (including at least ONE quoted passage /quote from Foster. You can also use the Epic Hero PPt here, your citation will be Jones + the slide #).• Use transitions to effectively incorporated the CECC’s into your writing)• Fully explain how the selected evidence supports/develops the controlling idea—Commentary/Conclusion• Be complete in approx. 500 words• Use active voice and active, vivid verbs (no is) and write in the present tense• Use third person and formal diction (no slang, etc.); this includes NO contractions, as well as correct verb agreement• Have a summary sentence as the final sentence (conclusion).• Use transitions and transitional phrases• Include a Works Cited listing Beowulf and any other sources, i. e. Foster or Jones• Turn in to Turnitin.comA few sample topic sentences (controlling ideas): Beowulf has all of the characteristics of an epic hero. Prove it. Discuss Beowulf as an epic hero—what societal values does he embody that are still valued today? Discuss the archetypes found in the poem. Glory was the thread that held the Anglo-Saxon culture and the warrior clan together, and epic heroes, such as Beowulf, are truly glorious. Beowulf has several themes: The Heroic Code, Good vs. Evil, Loyalty, The Guest-Friendship Code (Xenia – Greek concept of hospitality), Death and Defeat. Pick one and explore how it applies to the poem. Also, give an opinion on it. Symbols for Evil or evil traits are used throughout the poem. Explore this idea.