bible lesson study

Spend 30 minutes in prayer after your finish your study of the passage but PRIORto the beginning of the development of the lesson plan. Then write a page reflective response. Place this response at the beginning of the Lesson Plan. Spend the 1st15 minutes praying for an openness of your heart to Gods truth. Be responsive to any directions God leads you in. Spend the 2nd15 minutes praying for God to show you the key idea he concerning the content of your message for the people you may teach this Bible study to. Part 2: Lesson Plan. Write a four-page lesson plan for a Bible study on the Gospel passage you have chosen to study (see Module #4). Use the 5 steps formatdiscussed in class videos. See examples of Bible Lesson Plans in the Files Tab on Canvas.Your lesson plan needs to be written with enough detail that someone else could teach your Bible study with minimal study. You can pick any age group to teach and tailor the content to a specific group. However, write your lesson plan with the teacher in mind, giving them a thorough discussion of the passage. See Appendix C in the course syllabus for the grade rubric. Bible passage is from: Luke 10:25-37

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