Biblical Worldview on Nehemiah

Biblical Worldview on Nehemiah Assignment You will write 5 leadership journalentries discussing the various prompts below. While reflecting on the writingprompt, focus on the following main areas. First, write your thoughts clearlyas they relate to the topic. Second, write your reflections on the topic. Usethe headings Summary and Reflection to indicate the two areas. Eachjournal entry must be 300-450 words. Include a title page and a reference page.Use 2 scholarly sources/articles to write journal entries about Nehemiah.Articles should be no more than 10 years old.
Leadership Journal 1:Discuss how Nehemiah, as a leader,clarified values for the people and set an example. Based upon this reading aswell as literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education, convey abasic understanding of the elements of an educational philosophy that is baseddistinctively on a perspective drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures. Addressaxiological issues.
Leadership Journal 2:Analyze the specific leadershipactions Nehemiah took to protect his enlisted workers who had bought in to thevision. Draw from this text practical applications to leadership within the fieldof education.
Leadership Journal 3:Identify the leadership strategiesthat Nehemiah used to remove barriers and make things happen. Discuss theimplications of a biblical worldview of leadership; include practicalapplications to the overall field of education
LeadershipJournal 4:Discuss how the teaching of the lawby Ezra fostered shared knowledge, built community, and strengthened others.Draw from this text practical applications to leadership within the field ofeducation.
Leadership Journal 5:Discuss the importance of personalcontribution and celebration in the life of organizations.