Biography of a Psychologist

Biography of aPsychologistThe class is required towrite a biography of a psychologist specializing in the field of psychology andcritically reflect on their contributions to the field.Overview1. Select apsychologist whose theories you find interesting. Some examples include Pavlov,Watson, Skinner, Bandura, Piaget, Kohlberg, Kinsey, Masters, Johnson, Gottman,Sternberg, and Lee. A great place to research psychologists is using ourtextbook and/or google search2. Readabout the psychologist and his/her theories using the textbook, internetwebsites, and or books in the library.3. In oneor more pages (you may write more than one page…your choice) discuss thebackground of the psychologist and their theory. Total assignment is two pagesincluding the bibliography.Page OneParagraphOne “Background Information”: discuss background information including: education, country oforigin, birth date (and date of death if applicable), marital status andmarital information, family background information, and any other interestinginformation about their life such as winning a Nobel Prize.ParagraphTwo “Theory”: discuss their theory.Choose a stage, level, or aspect of it that interests you and write about it.For example: if discussing Skinner be sure to explain a part of his theory suchas shaping, or positive and negative reinforcement. Since this is a short assignment,you do not have to cover the entire theory.ParagraphThree “Critique”: discuss the importanceof this theory in the field of psychology, and how this theory is appliedtoday. If the theory is controversial, then discuss the controversies regardingthe theory and arguments for and against it. For example: Kohlberg’s theory isconsidered controversial because he had only male participants in his studywhich makes it challenging to apply some of his conclusions to females.Page Two“Bibliography/WorksCited”: cite any sources usedin your paper using APA format.Additional ImportantInformation:Must have one full page (you may write moreif desired).1-inch margins (right, left, upper, lower).Cover page is not needed.Please do not add name to the page where the assignment is written sinceit will take up space and will not meet the full one-page requirement.Standard English grammar, punctuation, andappropriate capitalization.Font: Times New Roman; 12 point.Double spaced (even between paragraphs).If using direct quotes or summarization ofanother’s thoughts, you must cite within the paper.You do not need to use APA format with thethe essay section of the assignment since my guidelines are the aspects of APAthe format that you need to use.Bibliography/Works Cited on the second page using APA format. This is the only part of the assignment that needs to be in APA format. Google is a great place to search how to cite sources usingAPA format.Canvas uses Turnitin to determineplagiarism.Please note cutting and pasting from theinternet, use of another author’s thoughts and/or words from any resourcewithout citation in the essay and bibliography, using sentences such as“Scientists/Researchers say that…” or “According to current research”Citations may be used but sparingly.