British Lit reading week 3 follow up

Please apply for 1067082 as well Aside from the Faerie Queene, the majority of the poems we are reading this week are shorter lyric poems. These are ideal for practicing the art of close reading poetry. To complete this assignment, you should first, read this handout on “deep reading”: How to Perform a Deep Reading of a poem.pdf Download How to Perform a Deep Reading of a poem.pdf When you have read this document, you should choose one of the shorter poems assigned this week and perform your own deep reading, focusing on no more than one or two parts of speech. You should post this first portion (your deep reading) of the assignment to that discussion board by Wednesday, June 1 at 11:59 p.m. Then, write up both what you found when you performed the deep reading, and why what you found is significant to understanding the poem Examples of close reading: