Building from our in-class Marketing Plan exercise

85 ptsBuilding from our in-class Marketing Plan exercise, please answer the following:5 pts What is the name of your business?5 pts What is your brand (think of your brand as a promise) / what does your brand stand for?5 pts What is the personality of your brand?5 pts What tone will your communications take?15 pts. Who are your customers? Describe who they are, elements of their personas.5 pts One:5 pts Two:5 pts Three:20 pts — Provide a SWOT analysis for your business. Remember Strengths and Weaknesses are Internal to your company — you have control over them, Opportunities and Threats are external to your company—you can’t control them.5 pts Strengths—5 pts Weaknesses—5 pts Opportunities—5 pts Threats—Discuss your Social Media Strategy5 pts What platforms will you use?5 pts What kind of media will go on each?5 pts Who are you targeting with each?5 pts What are your primary messages?5 pts How often will you run them?5 pts What is AB testing and how can you use it?Final / MKTG 31755 pts How would you engage/activate UGC?5 pts Write a CTA: