Business Canvas Model Report Part 1

ObjectivesOn successful completion of this assessment, students should be able to:collaborate with team member to identify one business idea and provide a business model canvas,demonstrate a well-developed understanding of the Business Model Canvas process, andsubstantiate an ability to engage in business planning and prepare an effective business plan.Brief DescriptionThis is a team project where students will be assigned to complete a business canvas for business ideas pitches in unit 9. It may be a start-up or expansion of an existing business. Using the Business Canvas Model, the teams prepare a description of the business idea according to the Business Canvas Model. In addition to the canvas, students will prepare a report to accompany the canvas that provides a description of the business, business rationale, target market, budget, marketing or promotional plan, and measure that would be used to assess the businesses success. Utilizing the business model canvas, groups should meet the criteria of the rubric available on Moodle.Teams submit a draft at the end of Unit 10 and attend a meeting with the course instructor to receive feedback on the draft. After the meeting with the instructor, the team should make changes for final submission at the end of unit 11.
Submission Prepare a group report which includes a description of the business, business rationale, target market, budget, marketing/promotional plan, measures to be used to assess success of the business and the business model canvas about a problem and a possible solution. Each paper should include an introduction and conclusion, should be 5-6 pages (double spaced), 2.54 cm margins (the default on MS Word), and 12 pts size font. The paper should follow the APA guidelines for format and citation.