Business – Organizational Environments and Culture

LENGTH:Five double spaced pages for the body of the report. You should also have a cover page and a reference list, (these two pages do not count toward the five).FORMAT OF REPORT:APA style, with in text citations and a fully documented reference page. The report must have a header for each section of the report. The report will be submitted into Safe Assign and will determine if any plagiarism exists. Deductions will be made accordingly. Double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font.
Organizational Environments and Culture (Review 3-1. The External Environment)Discuss the key factors in the exterior organizational environment and their impact.oAddress the key factors in the organization’s task environment and general environment, and how they impact the organization.Describe the internal environment, the organizational culture and address how that has changed or remained constant over timeWho are the organization’s heroes? Here is the link to an article about one organizational hero:What role has culture played in the success of the organization?