Business type essay

Provide a proper APA/MLA/Chicago bibliographic citation for this article. (Again, which citation style you use depends on your major.)In 2 paragraphs, identify no less than three (3) distinct writing characteristics of this article, things that seem to mark professional writing in your major/discipline.So, for instance, you might notice that your article has visuals (charts and graphs). Or you might recognize that your article has an abstract. Or you might notice that your article cites from a LOT of sources, etc. Note these kinds of things down. At least three, but feel free to go for more.Again, I am not asking for you to summarize the content or argument or “point” of the article. You may not understand much of it at all. All I want you to do is look at it as a model for professional writing in your discipline/major. What kinds of writing traits do you need to be working toward developing your own writing, if you are going to be a professional in this field?