“Can micro dosing psychedelics improve symptoms of depression? “

I believe my research and editing require more rewording and organizing the flow to fit the flow of the fitting requirements. At this time, I also think my in-citation may need improvement in addition to transition and variety of grammar use. All the research has already been reviewed and indicated direct source in the review..I will make sure quality work deserves extra attention and am willing to go the extra way with someone who will help me take my essay one step further, such as cutting down repeated or extra nonsense. While expanding one of the bigger ideas that I propose for both sides of the argument.– If you are interested, I can share my current paper before confirming a price that will help determine a fair and competitive price.
Psychological Issue Final Paper: This paper should be about a contemporary dilemma in psychology. “Magic Mushrooms and treatment for individuals with depression. The assignment is to find an issue in psychology about which theorists have opposing views.Students’ final papers should include abstract and at a minimum, eight sources. Again, this is a minimum; note that a minimum usually leads to a minimum/average grade (“C”).At least four sources will be needed to present the “pro” side of the issue, while at least four sources should present the “against” side of the issue. No quotes are allowed in the paper. This paper should be quite in-depth, giving the reader a thorough sense of the dilemma and what professionals in the field think about it.The last part of this paper should include the student’s own view of the issue, as well as the rationale for this stance. (Do not use an issue that is presented in your book!)This paper should be at least seven pages long (7 pages of text, not including title page and reference page), and double spaced. Submitthrough Assignments tab/Turnitin.