Care of a client requiring a chest tube

ASSignmentCare of a client requiring a chest tube. Client: You are caring for a 23-year-old male who came from work to the ER with difficulty breathing. He was diagnosed with a spontaneous pneumothorax of his left lung field. A chest tube was inserted. Aside from the spontaneous pneumothorax, his medical history is unremarkable. The patient was stabilized and sent to your medical unit. You will be his nurseNote Briefly this is a research paper and these or some of the questions that should be answered from the questions above.Research on types of chest tubeResearch on spontaneous pneumothorax and why this client has a pneumothorax.What could be behind with this client having and unremarkable medical historyCare that require for a chest tubeWhat care the nurse should provideComplication of a chest tubeWhat kind of chest tube will they be putting in now compare to 10 years agoASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONYou will identify the impact of a current nursing care procedure, issue or intervention relevant in medical /surgical nursing.Research your topic of choice for evidence-informed practice (“best practice”) that allows optimal recovery and health promotion for an adult medical/surgical client.Through a review of the current nursing research, you will be expected to identify evidence informed practice for addressing the client’s nursing care needs.You will discuss the nursing care procedure, issue or intervention and summarize your findings, as they would apply to evidenced informed care for your client.MARKING GUIDE PLEASE FOLLOW ITDescribe and discuss the procedure or issue that may impact the recovery and health of the medical/surgical client.Describes how evidence supported by literature applies to the best care of the clientIdentifies health promotion teaching supported by literature applicable to the clientdentified how literature-supported evidence promotes recovery and health of the client.Page 4 to 6 this part is the NURSING CARE PLAN and you willOutline the nursing care plan for the chest tube client In the care plan, apply the evidenced discussed in Page 1-3 to a priority nursing care need for this client.Discharge planning and teaching is one of the elements you are required to include in your nursing care plan.
PAGE 4-6 INSTRUCTIONReference at least three (3) sources published within the last five years – current journal articles, reputable medical websites.At least one reference must be a journal articleFollow APA 6th edition format guidelinesMARKING GUIDE FOR PAGE 4-6AssessmentIdentified actual or potential assessment criteria from the scenario. Indicated what would be important to assess when preparing to identify the nursing diagnoses as outlined in the assignment.Nursing diagnosisNursing Diagnosis Wrote a diagnostic label that relates to an actual problem that the client is experiencing, including the “related to” factors and evidence to support diagnosis 3Wrote a diagnostic label that relates to an potential/risk problem or risk that the client is experiencing, including the “related to” factors 2 Wrote a diagnostic label that focused on wellness/health promotion/teaching for the client, including the “related to” factors and evidence to support diagnosisGOALS/EXPECTED OUTCOMESWrote one goal for each diagnosis that included measurable criteria using the SMART methodINTERVENTIONSIncluded 2 nursing interventions per goal: –2 intervention provided for actual/problem diagnosis (2) –2 interventions provided for potential /risk diagnosis (2) –2 interventions provided for wellness/health promotion/teaching diagnosisthe writer have to follow this step and add to it. Thats the only way i will get a good mark