Case Analysis- EUREKA CASE

Use at least 5 external academic and relevant non-academic references to support your case analysis.• Academic references must be published after 2010.Please use only those refernces which are directcly accesible without any subscription or anything.keep it in simple language.i am attaching other instructions and case.Important:Read the brief “Eureka Forbes” case and graphic comics below and write an essay that answers the followingquestions by applying Step 1, step 2, Mutual engagement, Shared Diagnosis concepts from the Sequential Modelwe discussed in class.Ensure that your essay includes but not limited to answering the following questions:• What changes are required in the organization? and why?• Who can influence the change in the organization? and how?• How would you propose to implement the change?• What collaborative relationships would be required during organizational change? and how to build them?• What are the requirements for people alignment, motivation, and engagement?