case implementation

3. Case Implementation and Evaluation PaperSocial Work Competencies (dimension): SWC 1 (Knowledge, Skills, Cognitive & AffectiveProcesses, Values); SWC 6 (Knowledge, Cognitive & Affective Processing, Values, Skills);SWC 7 (Knowledge, Cognitive & Affective Processing, Values, Skills); SWC 8 (Knowledge,Cognitive & Affective Processing, Values, Skills); SWC 9 (Knowledge, Cognitive & AffectiveProcessing, Values, Skills)Learning Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to show the integration of assessment withintervention and evaluation. Specifically, this paper focuses on the application of a theory andtechnique to a specific case situation. This paper should be identified in four parts. Within theseparts, it will be important to highlight the strengths perspective, cultural competence, and anyethical dilemmas encountered through the implementation and evaluation phase of serviceprovision.Description of assignmentSection 1 (2-3-pages)Utilize a case situation from your practicum placement or one approved by your instructor.Summarize the major factors, which provide enough data for an accurate assessment, with afocus on problem prioritizing, goals and objectives. While material taken directly from the clientneed not be referenced, material on any condition or problem the client may be suffering fromshould be backed by adequate citation. For example, if the client is suffering from depression, adefinition and diagnostic criteria must be included. Use at least four sources of documentation tosupport your assertions.Section 2 (3-4 pages)Identify, describe and document one theory of intervention that might be applied to the specificcase presentation. Use at least four sources of documentation other than required coursereadings for the selected theory. In this section, the important task is to demonstrate anunderstanding of the principles, concepts, and techniques that you will be applying in section 3of this paper.Section 3 (3-4 pages)Apply the theory to the case situation in Section 1. Although you might apply key concepts, itmight be easier to apply specific techniques and procedures to the case (as long as you identifywhat theory the techniques/procedures are drawn from). Application demonstrations might beachieved through narratives of the worker-client interaction, or sample dialogues betweenworker and client. The important task is your application of therapeutic technique that youdescribe in section 2 of this paper to the client situation that you presented in section 1.Section 4 (2-3 pages)Describe in detail how you might go about evaluating whether or not the goals and outcomesestablished during the assessment are achieved.SW606 Fall 2021 C.Hamilton syllabus 8.2021Length: 10-14 pages not including references. Again, references for evaluative measures mustbe provided. Reference, reference, reference!