Case Study 1: Industrial Hazard Assessment

This assignment requires a lot of reading and the assignment rubric must be followed.
This assignment is for a course called Occupational Health & Safety.
To complete this assignment you will need to do research on my Canadian province’s Occupational Health & Safey legislation.
I need at least two sources in addition to the documents I provide you for information. I cannot stress this enough – my province’s legislation needs to be researched!
The textbook for this course is:Management of Occupational Health & Safety – 8th EditionAuthors: E. Kevin Kelloway, Lori Francis, Bernadette Gatien and Monica Belcourt
City: WinnipegProvince: ManitobaCountry: Canada
Complete the assignment in this order:1. Read Assignment Rubric & Details – please follow ALL instructions on rubric and complete the assignment using2. Read the OHS Legislation in Canada1 PDF document.3. Read Chapter 2 PDF document.4. Watch this video: Read “Fact Sheet: Overview of Safety & Health Canadian Legislation” Read Chapter 3 PDF document.7. Read the AWCBC Article: Read Chapter 4 PDF document. Please ensure you thoroughly review thischapter as it will help a great deal with completing the assignment.9. Watch video on SAFE Committee Inspections: Click on “Job Hazard Analysis Video” PowerPoint presentation document.11. Watch “Understanding Hazards and Risks” video: Read Chapter 4 PDF document. Please ensure you thoroughly review this chapter as it will help a great deal with completing the assignment.13. Read Assignment Rubric & Details again to grasp what needs to be addressed in the assignment.14. Read Case Study 1: Industrial Hazard Assesment15. Read the below formatting instructions:
must be followed. Mark deductions willapply if not followed as directed.
·Allassignments must be submitted in a typewritten format, times roman front 12,1.5 spaced (not double spaced), pages must be numbered sequentially.
·Allassignments must include a cover page with your full name, assignment number,and date of submission.
·Someof the assignments will require that you use a report format to complete yourassignments. If you do not know how todevelop a report to complete your assignment, it is up to you to do yourresearch on the “report format”.
·Ensurethat you proofread before submitting your assignment as marks will be deductedfor any spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
·Ensureyour assignment is formatted to ensure easy flow, and understanding for yourreader (i.e. consistency in the use of fonts, spaces, and margins, and the useof tables to display information for easy visual).
·Ensurereference as provided using the APA format.
NOTE: Toreceive full marks, you must answer all of the questions as indicated on eachassignment and show evidence of full understanding and evidence of thoroughresearch of the subject matter. Answersto the assignments will require critical thinking.