Causes of World War 1

Each student will create a powerpoint presentation.You must choose one of the following topics:Causes of World War IYou will receive a zero on the assignment if you submit a powerpoint topic that is NOT one of the above topics. You will also NOT have the option to resubmit the correct powerpoint.You will research that item-online and hard research (books,newspapers).Student will create a powerpoint presentation between 10 and 20 slides dealing with the topic.YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE AT LEAST 3 ONLINE WEBSITES as sources.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The student who plagiarizes on this assignment will receive a zero on the assignment, without the possibility of resubmission.Microsoft Office Powerpoint should be the application that should be used in this project. If you use something else, you do so at the risk of the professor having difficulty downloading the file. If I cannot download the file, then it will be recorded as a zero with possibility of resubmission. NO EXCEPTIONSI do not confirm submissions as it is your responsibility to ensure that I can download a viable and downloadable file.I will provide a sheet/file with more details on the first day of class on the course homepage under the Powerpoint ModuleThere is a rubric located on the course homepage under the powerpoint module. Please refer to that rubric.