Change Article Summaries

Change Article Summaries: For the Change Article Summaries, students will locate an article on organizational change or a significant change that has occurred. The articles cannot be older than 2 years. With no less than 250 words, use APA format for citing sources. Please be sure to cite your sources correctly. The summary cannot be on articles referenced in the Textbook. Must include a copy of the article with the summary.
Marking Scheme for Article Review
1. Clear and succinct summary of the article, appropriate and correct sources cited.
2. ContentUseful précis/ description/ summary of the article. Covers key points of article.Fair evaluation of article: based on content, not just presentation or liking/disliking.How does the article relate to the course material? You must cite a sentence or paragraph from the textbook that relates to your article. It must be cited correctly and the reference must be included. (i.e., include the reference to the textbook in the article.)
Quality of the assignment:Clear and succinct summaryFair evaluation of the articleSources/References cited correctlyCopy of the article or the link to the article is included with your submission.