Below are the learning exercises for Chapter 16. What is required of you is to pick 5 of the following to talk about? Each one will require a 2 to 3 paragraph informational response. This will be in the form of an essay paper. The 1st page is the Title page, the content pages you will have each section separated with the question you have chosen, the last page will be a reference page. Some may require research. This is an assignment for grading.Using your favorite search engine, see if you can find the mobile marketing association in your country and the code of conduct for marketers. Do you think this can be better communicated to consumers?Privacy and permission are important factors in eMarketing and mobile marketing. How can these be communicated when using the mobile phone as a marketing channel?Consider the three categories of mobile phones. Envision the advertising opportunities available on each.What types of mobile phones have you ever used? Have you been marketed to before on these phone(s)? If so, how?It can be considered that SMS (short message service) to the mobile phone is what e-mail is to the Internet. In what ways is this true, and how can this be used by marketers?Can you think of an example of when a marketer may want to use USSD (unstructured supplementary services data) versus SMS (short message service) or MMS (multimedia message service)?Think of an example of when it would be better to use MMS over SMS for a brand. Give an example of when it would be a good idea to use SMS over MMS.Why do you think that visits from mobile phones are different from other Web visits? How can this be used in a marketing strategy?Mobile marketing is a growing area of eMarketing. Can you list major brands that promote their mobile offerings? How do they promote their offerings?Can you think of a situation where 2D (two-dimensional) bar codes can be appropriate for an advertiser?Think of an example of how to include augmented reality (AR) into a brand’s eMarketing efforts. Be creative.