Chapter 3: The Mexican, Indian, French and Japanese Tastes (cuisine)

Chapter 3: The Mexican, Indian, French and Japanese Tastes3.1 Mexican Food3.1.1 Popular Dishes3.1.2 Popular Chefs3.2 Indian Food3.2.1 Popular Dishes3.2.2 Popular Chefs3.3 French Food3.3.1 Popular Dishes3.3.2 Popular Chefs3.4 Japanese Food3.4.1 Popular Dishes3.4.2 Popular ChefsResearch each topic and write about it in detailsThis is a research for creating a multicultural Resturant.
All Sources are list below you are welcome to use additional sources: — The Changing Popular Culture of Indian Food –Indian perspectives on Food and Culture. — The history and culture of Japanese Food — What is food tourism? — 36 Hours in Mexico City — The Globalization of Chinese Food — Culinary Taste And The Legitimate Cuisines — An analysis of technology applications in the restaurant industry — High tech foodservice; an overview of technological advancements. — Customer Preferences for Restaurant Technology Innovations — Technology’s Effect on Hotels and Restaurants: Building a Strategic Competitive Advantage — Innovation strategies in restaurant business