Character Analysis Paragraph

Character Analysis Paragraph Analysis: “a detailed examination of anything complex” (“Analysis”). You will write one long paragraph (no more than 400 words) analyzing a character from Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Writing Assignment: Write a character analysis telling me about one character. What motivates this character? How does this character react to the events in the play? Why does he or she speak, think, or act a certain way? What do others say about your character? How does your character change? ICE: To defend your ideas about this character, you must cite or give specific examples from the story–these examples are citations because you are citing proof. Instead of just listing these examples, you must introduce (I) the context of the text. This means you should tell the reader who is speaking to whom and what is happening at this point in the play? Then give the citation (C). After the citation and the page number, you must begin a new sentence that explains (E) why this proves your point. Don’t explain before, explain after.