Character Analysis – Pre-Writing

Please submit a CHARACTER ANALYSIS on Williams’ drama, The Glass Menagerie.DIRECTIONS:Watch the film in the module. two characters that you would like to write about. Analyze the characters and compare and contrast them to each other.The following link may help you with how to write a character analysis essay:CHARACTER ANALYSIS(Links to an external site.)You may also view the following video to help you:VIDEO: Character Analysis(Links to an external site.)Read the link and watch the video above.After reading the play by Williams, choose two characters from The Glass Menagerie that you that would like to write about. Write an analysis essay about the characters (only two).Your draft should be typed in the following format:MLA format12 pt. size font / Times New Roman fontproper heading/headerin text citations / parenthetical citations (evidence from the story that supports your points)Double-spaced throughout (no extra space between paragraphs)Indent each paragraphMake sure you have an INTRO paragraph with your THESIS.Paper should be 3 pages typed (not including Works Cited page).REMEMBER: If you use examples from the story, you must cite (review MLA how to cite a play).